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Selected discography


Shawn Greenlee is a composer, sound artist, and Professor at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) where he leads the Studio for Research in Sound & Technology (SRST).  His recent work explores spatial audio, high density loudspeaker arrays, and erratic sound synthesis techniques.

Greenlee has been active as a solo electronic / electroacoustic improvisor since 1997 and has toured extensively across the US and Europe. Conference and festival performances include New Interfaces for Musical Expression (2018 Blacksburg, 2015 Baton Rouge, 2014 London, 2013 Daejeon), International Computer Music Conference (2021 Santiago, 2018 Daegu, 2011 Huddersfield, 2005 Barcelona), BEAST FEaST (2017 Birmingham), PdCon16 (2016 New York), Cube Fest (2019, 2016 Blacksburg), Re-new (2013 Copenhagen), IN TRANSIT (2008 Berlin), and Elevate (2007 Graz), among others.

Greenlee’s solo and group discography spans over fifty releases. He is a founding member of Landed, active since 1997 and known for its deconstructed rock, rhythmic noise, and intense live performances. From 1999-2001, he performed with Six Finger Satellite.

Greenlee holds a Ph.D. in Computer Music and New Media from Brown University

Outwash (2019)

Outwash was composed in 2019 for high density loudspeaker arrays (HDLA) with high order ambisonics. Development of the piece began during a residency at Virginia Tech’s Cube in March 2019 and it was later completed at RISD’s Studio for Research in Sound and Technology (SRST). In this work, twenty independent voices reliant upon the same underlying erratic synthesis procedure move throughout the room in varied spatial formations. Audible contours and modulations are produced by parametric deviation and distance fluctuations between the voices of this ensemble. While the piece is set in its duration and sequence, real-time processes afford unique outcomes in each performance. The piece was created in MaxMSP and runs autonomously. Outwash premiered at the Cube Fest with a 140 channel loudspeaker array (2019 Virginia Tech, Blacksburg) and was also included in the International Computer Music Conference (2021 Santiago).

Outwash was most recently presented in fifth order ambisonics for a 41.4 channel loudspeaker array on June 9, 2023 in concert at the Lindemann Performing Arts Center, Brown University.  
︎︎︎ Composition documentation, Virginia Tech 2019