Shawn Greenlee is a composer and sound artist. In recent work, Greenlee focuses on generating digital audio from graphic patterns. Via computer programs of his own design, he advances new methods for interpreting visual image as sound (graphic synthesis). Further areas evident in his work include electroacoustic improvisation, spatial audio, and noise.

Greenlee’s solo and group discography spans over fifty releases to date, complemented by an active practice as an exhibiting artist and sound designer. He has performed extensively across the United States and Europe, appearing on several conferences, festivals, and tours. These include New Interfaces for Musical Expression (2015 Baton Rouge, 2014 London, and 2013 Daejeon), Re-new (2013 Copenhagen), International Computer Music Conference (2011 Huddersfield and 2005 Barcelona), IN TRANSIT (2008 Berlin), and Elevate (2007 Graz), among several others.

With Joel Kyack and Dan St. Jacques, Greenlee is a founding member of Landed, active since 1997 and known for its deconstructed rock, rhythmic noise, and physically intense live performances. From 1999-2001, he performed with Six Finger Satellite. In 2015, he formed Soonhweija (Circulator), an improvisation duo with gayageum player Kyungso Park. In 2016 with Joel Kyack, he formed Dos Mega, a free improvisation group featuring a rotating lineup of players.

Greenlee is Associate Professor at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), where he is also the Programs Head for the Division of Experimental & Foundation Studies. In 2008, he completed his Ph.D. in Computer Music and New Media at Brown University. In 2014, he was awarded the MacColl Johnson Fellowship for music composition by the Rhode Island Foundation.


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Dos Mega
2016 - present
with Joel Kyack, Scott Martin, Matt Johnson
Free improvisation group, varied instrumentation

1997 - present
with Joel Kyack, Dan St. Jacques and rotating line-up
Noise-rock band, varied instrumentation
Releases on Load, Corleone, Hospital Productions, Vermiform, and others

Soonhweija (a.k.a. Circulator, 순회자, 巡廻者)
2015 - present
with Kyungso Park
Electroacoustic improvisation duo
Gayageum (Korean zither), percussion, and electronics


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