2015, AUGUST 4

I will be participating in Virginia Tech's inaugural Spatial Audio Workshop beginning August 10. Very excited to spend time composing in The Cube (w/ 147 speakers) and Perform Studio (w/ 24.4 speaker array). More details here. Poster for public presentation below.

2015, AUGUST 2

Website relaunch: essentials only, with some recent news kept. More things to come.

2015, JULY 27

I recently gave a presentation titled Exploring Visual Data with Graphic Waveshaping at the Sounds, Images, and Data conference held at New York University, Steinhardt School. Abstract avaiable at the conference website. This picks up from my earlier paper on graphic waveshaping for the NIME 2013 conference. That abstract and paper are available at http://www.nime.org .

2015, JULY 23

A Landed performance has been announced for Hammer Museum's All the Instruments Agree: An Exhibition or a Concert, September 26 - 27. This is a brutal six-piece line-up with some of the most notorius Providence players: Shawn Greenlee, Joel Kyack, Dan St. Jacques, Bjourn Copeland, Rick Pelletier, and Matt Johnson. Landed will also perform in San Francisco with the same members on September 25 at the Hemlock.

2015, JULY 15

Posted, a video of an acoustic piece I wrote for gayageum performed by Kyungso Park. I spent the month of June in Korea as an artist in residence at the Gyeonggi Creation Center (GCC). During my trip, I also participated in a two-week intensive workshop on traditional Korean music at the National Gugak Center in Seoul, where Kyungso gave a first performance of this work. A few days later, back at the GCC, we captured this document.

While in Korea, Kyungso and I also debuted our new electroacoustic improvisation duo titled Soonhweija 순회자 (a.k.a. Circulator). On June 29, we gave a concert at the GCC preceded by a workshop I taught on Pure Data programming. Soonhweija will begin recording an album in August 2015.

2015, JUNE 3

On June 3, I performed my piece Substitutions at the New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) conference held this year at Louisiana State Univeristy. Earlier this year, I recorded a rehearsal (video posted below) and did some writing for RISD Museum's Manual publication, following a first performance at the RISD Museum on February 26.

2015, MARCH 3

Risd.edu posted an article about my MacColl Johnson Fellowship award from the Rhode Island Foundation. Read about it here: